Häagen Dazs gives away free ice cream cones today

Today is the day if you like ice cream, especially free ice cream.

Häagen-Dazs stores are giving away free mini cones today and all for a good cause -- to help raise awareness to the plight of honey bees.

They're calling it "Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees Initiative," People magazine reported.

The company said that bees pollinate a third of the world's crops, and bees also help make a third of its flavors like mango and strawberry.

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The population has been decreasing due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) where bee colonies abandon their hives and die. Experts say that it could be due to pesticides, parasites, destruction of habitat and food and increased stress, experts have said.

Häagen-Dazs has been spearheading its bees initiative for 10 years to help bring back the bees and has donated a million dollars to bee education and research.

So back to the free ice cream. Where do you go and how do you get it.

You can stop by any participating location between 4 and 8 p.m. and get a free scoop of ice cream or sorbet. You can get it in sugar cone, cake cone or cup and it is one per person, USA Today reported.

To find a Häagen-Dazs near you, click here.

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