Halloween display of nude, disfigured hanging dolls ‘disgusting,’ neighbors say

Credit: Barcroft Media

Credit: Barcroft Media

Residents in a neighborhood in Plymouth, Michigan, said they were shocked and a little disturbed by a Halloween display they said crossed the line.

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The display featured nude and disfigured dolls bound and hanging from a tree with tape over their  eyes and in various other places.

It was just one of the many displays in a yard full of ghoulish decorations, including gravestones and skulls.

"I think they're cute when they're spooky, but I don't like hers," neighbor Marilyn Yoe told WXYZ.

"My grandkids say why would you hang babies in a tree? That's no Halloween."

Yoe wasn’t alone. Other neighbors complained, too.

"I think it's disgusting," KC Gibson said.

"You see all the ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns on people's porches and then dolls representing little kids being hung from a tree, and that's not what Halloween is about," Gibson told WXYZ.

Plymouth police received multiple calls about the disturbing display, but said the hanging dolls weren’t breaking any laws.

Yoe said that while she didn’t like the display, her neighbors have the right to display anything they want in their yard.

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WXYZ reported the family that lives in the house is on vacation, but another relative has since removed the dolls.

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