Heartwarming video: Scared baby deer is  rescued from road by mama

A baby deer got so scared crossing the road while a car was approaching, it dropped down in the middle of the road and wouldn't move.

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Cautiously, "mama" deer came to the fawn's rescue.

Jessie Larson shot video of the encounter in Bremerton, Washington.

She said when she saw how scared the baby deer was, she turned her car off to help them calm down.

They reunited safely and "were staring at me from some bushes when I drove off," Larson said.

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Larson said she had just dropped off her daughter at day care when she saw the mama and baby deer walking down the road.

"I drove up slowly to see if they would go to the side of the road," Larson said. "Mama ran off, but baby dropped down right in the middle of the road! I honked once to see if she would move, but she was too scared. So, I turned off my car to let them have a moment to calm down. After a few seconds, Mama came out and encouraged baby to get it up and walk. They went directly down the road, so I turned my car back on to make sure they would go off the side. I'm glad I did, the next thing to come around the corner was a service van!"

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