AT&T helps grieving widow retrieve treasured voicemail from husband

Photo by Marco Verch/Flickr

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Photo by Marco Verch/Flickr

When a Texas woman bought a new phone, she lost one of her most treasured items -- a voicemail from her late husband.

The message captured the last time Debora Taylor's husband said he loved her before he died from lung cancer in 2015, according to the KPRC report.

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Taylor said she listened to the voicemail every day, to help her cope with the loss of her husband. She was devastated when the voicemail did not transfer to her new phone. A family friend reached out to KPRC, who contacted the woman's cellphone provider, AT&T.

The company was able to retrieve Taylor's treasured voicemail message from her late husband. She is grateful for the company's effort. 

Taylor herself has been battling cancer but is in remission, according to KPRC.

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