HOA dispute over garden decorations leads to interesting response

A Colorado retired couple's decision on how to decorate their garden has started a battle with their homeowners association.

Alford Meadows Community Association has told Colleen and Richard Stephens that they're going against their HOA rules for having too many decorations on their manicured lawn, KUSA reported.

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The couple was told that if they didn’t remove some, they could be fined.

The HOA said that there were nine milk churns, 13 buckets and cans, patio furniture and a wooden flag. They were told they can keep six, but one that cannot stay is the wooden flag that Colleen made.

So to show their displeasure over the violation, the Stephens have added a new decoration - - a large sign that says “If you are considering purchasing a home in Alford Meadows, you may want to reconsider ...You could be the next target of the HOA!”

Richard believes that he is being targeted by his neighbors and the association because he supported Donald Trump in last year's presidential election. Signs he had posted in support of Trump were taken from his yard, according to Richard, KUSA reported.

An attorney representing the Alford Meadows Community Association sent a response to local media saying that the push to have their yard pruned to six items was not politically motivated and that the Stephens want "special treatment," KUSA reported. He added that the board won't fine the Stephens' for the decorations, but may file a lawsuit to get him to remove the sign.

Richard said he has had support from some neighbors, but others are upset with the sign saying that it is affecting their property values and have hurt home sales.

He said the sign will come down when violations are nullified and the HOA gives him an apology letter, KUSA reported

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