#ImWithChuck: After Trump slams Carrier union boss, Twitter users fire back

Another day, another Twitter feud.

President-elect Donald Trump took to the social media site Wednesday to slam an Indianapolis union leader who claimed that Trump "lied his [expletive] off" about the number of jobs saved in a recent deal with Carrier Corp.

"Chuck Jones, who is President of United Steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. No wonder companies flee country!" Trump wrote of Jones, leader of the local union that represents Carrier employees.

Trump added later: "If United Steelworkers 1999 was any good, they would have kept those jobs in Indiana. Spend more time working-less time talking. Reduce dues."

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Trump's tweetstorm came after Jones, a Bernie Sanders supporter who voted for Hillary Clinton in the general election, alleged that Trump misled the public by saying that his deal would save more than 1,100 jobs at the Indiana facility. Jones told The Washington Postthat Trump's number appeared to include 350 development and research positions that were already staying put.

"He got up there and, for whatever reason, lied his [expletive] off," Jones told the Post.

Late Wednesday, the Post reported that Jones received threatening phone calls after Trump criticized him on Twitter.

"Nothing that says they're gonna kill me, but, you know, you better keep your eye on your kids," Jones told MSNBC, according to the Post. "We know what car you drive. Things along those lines."

Jones told CNN that Trump's tweets "must mean I'm doing a good job because these people are making a decent wage at Carrier, and I feel like I'm somewhat involved in making that happen."

Jones added: "Instead of saying, 'Hey, I got that wrong and Jones is right on his numbers,' then he wants to attack me. I think that is pretty low down, low life."

The spat also sparked the Twitter hashtag #ImWithChuck as workers offered their support to Jones.

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