Indiana driver ticketed after dirty diaper tossed from window hits trooper's cruiser

No love for this driver.

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An Indiana motorist was not going to be pampered after a soiled diaper was thrown from the back seat of his vehicle, sending it into the windshield of an Indiana State Police cruiser, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Trooper Sgt. Stephen Wheeles tweeted he was traveling on Interstate 65 in Johnson over the weekend when he observed a passenger from a nearby car throwing the diaper out of a window.

"Littering by throwing a used diaper out of the car window right in front of a police officer is asking for a ticket." Wheeles wrote. "Especially when diaper hits said police officer’s (car)."

"I was heading home after working the Indiana State Fair, tired, and wasn't really expecting it," Wheeles told the Star. "It hit my car and bounced a couple of times … it's not something I could really let fly."

Wheeles said his cruiser was not damaged or soiled, the newspaper reported. However, the driver did receive a ticket, WXIN reported. Wheeles did not say whether the diaper was cloth or disposable.

Needless to say, Wheeles' post prompted some diaper humor.

"My guess is that even though you 'Pamper'ed' them with kindness and the 'Luv' of a public servant, this stop didn't end with a 'Huggie's,'" state Trooper Ted Bohner tweeted.

"I found myself laughing as I read this, but after the initial chuckle, I realize it isn't funny. I despise littering!" Sandra Adair tweeted.

And finally ... "Does it have to sit in the evidence locker for six weeks until the 'idjit' comes to court to dispute the ticket?" tweeted "Henry."

That's a good question. Let's hope not.

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