Interim superintendent says students can wear military sashes to graduation

Two high school seniors in the National Guard claim school administrators told them they were not allowed to wear military sashes to graduation.

Siblings Kali Pusateri and Cameron Brown, students at Plum High school, purchased the military sashes from Plum’s JROTC program to wear during graduation, but their mother said her son was told they could not.

“He’s being told the day before graduation he cannot wear it. My daughter as well,” said Jennifer Pusateri, Kali and Cameron’s mother.

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Jennifer said her son joined the National Guard this year and her daughter, who's already been promoted, four years ago.

WPXI reached out to school administrators regarding the decision, who said to contact the student's JROTC colonel.

Plum’s graduation is Thursday, and Jennifer said she had yet to hear back.

“I was very frustrated to hear (this) with all the negativity going on with our district. That they would have the audacity, the nerve to find the time to engage and make a decision, and say we are going to ban a military sash,” said Jennifer.

Following WPXI's newscast Thursday,  Col. Rick Peterson said he spoke with Plum's interim superintendent who said the students will be permitted to wear their sashes at graduation.