Iowa police officer helps 6-year-old boy overcome fears of 'bad guys' in his room

Moving into a new home can be scary, particularly for a young child.

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An Iowa police officer helped assure a 6-year-old boy no "bad guys" were lurking in his new home.

Officer Bruce Schwartz, of the Eldridge Police Department, helped calm the nerves of Hayden Williams, who had a room of his own for the first time after sharing one with his older sister in his old home.

Hayden told his mother he was having "scary thoughts," KCCI reported.

"He believes in superheroes," Amanda Williams told the television station. "He believes in bad guys and all other things that appear real to him."

Williams said she believed her son got the scary images after accidentally seeing commercials for trailers of scary movies like "Annabelle," KCCI reported.

Williams, who is a makeup artist, tried to show Hayden how "bad guys" put on makeup for their characters to assure him they were not real, but the boy remained frightened.

"He has a super vivid imagination," Williams told KCCI.

Williams decided to enlist the help of the police after night lights, weighted blankets and "monster spray" did not stop her son's anxiety.

"I've raised my kids to know that police and doctors are there to help," Williams told the television station.

Schwartz listened to Hayden's fears and agreed to check out the Williams' home, KCCI reported.

The boy led Schwartz to the scary spots in his room, and the officer explained why they were not threats.

"Officer Schwartz had so much empathy and compassion," Williams told KCCI.

Schwartz told the boy that when he has scary thoughts, he lies down and thinks about riding a horse and being a cowboy.

"I am beyond thankful that Officer Schwartz took time out of his busy day to come over and talk with Hayden," Williams posted on Facebook.

The next day happened to be the first day of school, and as Hayden walked out the door he saw Schwartz outside in his cruiser to check up on the boy, KCCI reported.

"Officer Schwartz, if you're reading this, thank you from the bottom of my mama heart," Williams wrote on Facebook. "The kindness you've shown Hayden certainly doesn't go unnoticed and I know he will remember this forever."

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