Judge rips off robe, jumps off bench to help officer subdue angry defendant

A Michigan judge didn’t hesitate to throw off his robe and help an officer tackle an unruly defendant in his courtroom.

"Tase his (expletive) right now," the judge says as he jumped off the bench.

Expletive-laced video of the scuffle was posted by MLive.com Wednesday. The incident happened in December.

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The defendant, identified as Jacob Larson by WLNS, was in court for violation of a personal protection order. Larson is heard talking back to Jackson County Circuit judge John McBain as he told Larson to stay away from a woman, who he is accused of harassing.

McBain raised Larson’s sentence from 3 to 93 days in jail because he continued to talk back. He threatened to raise the sentence to 365.

When a courtroom officer asked Larson to put his hands behind his back, he refused and a scuffle broke out.

McBain immediately took off his robe and jumped down from the bench to help the officer. Together, they were able to restrain Larson, and the officer escorted him from the courtroom.

He told WLNS that he doesn't regret his decision.

"I would hope that almost any judge would say, ‘Hey, if your court officer is in trouble, I’m going to go down there and do what I can,'" McBain said.

Watch the video from MLive.com on YouTube.