‘Left eye’ killer leaves distinctive mark on victims in Mississippi

Police say a killer in Marshall County, Mississippi is leaving distinct marks on their victims, shooting them under the left eye and leaving the bodies on the side of a rural county road.

According to WHBQ, there have been four victims found in this way since 2015, but investigators with Marshall County are not releasing any new details about the open cases.

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Eric Hubbard’s son, Devin, was the first victim.

“This is a hard pill to swallow every day,” said Hubbard. “Ain’t a day that goes by I don't think about my son.”

Will Phillips lives next door. His son, Will Phillips Jr., was also shot and left for dead with a bullet under his left eye and dumped on a county road.

“The devil did this, (it) was the devil’s work,” Philips said.

Jamon Moton’s son, Delois Bowen, was also killed. She wears his image as a reminder that his murder remains unsolved.

“Wasn’t no robbery or nothing,” Moton said. “So, I guess it’s a hate crime on my son.”

With no officials speaking on the case officially since 2016, WHBQ turned to criminology expert and former investigator K.B. Turner.

He believes the killer or killers may be operating in the same way for a reason.

“I don’t know the specific message, but it may be to invoke fear,” Turner said.

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