Life hacks: How to remove snow when you don’t have shovels

Credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images

Credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images

The snow has fallen, but you forgot to get the snow shovel.

So how can you get rid of all of the white stuff when you are shovel-less?

One man from West Virginia has come up with a no-lifting solution, WJW reported.

He posted the video a few years ago, but it is an ingenious way for wet, sticky snow.

Some people suggest using a piece of plywood, if you have any left lying around after those summer projects.

You can also try using a leaf blower for the lighter, powdery snow, like this guy:

He's not the only one who uses a leaf blower.

Finally if you preplan your shovel-less snow removal, there’s a system that melts the snow by heating the asphalt.

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