Man stabbed in toe by hypodermic needle under bed in Florida hotel, attorney says

Credit: Spencer Platt

Credit: Spencer Platt

A Colorado man said he stepped on a used hypodermic needle at a Hampton Inn in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

James Ryals is a disabled veteran from Colorado Springs. His attorney, John Phillips, said it happened when Ryals slid his foot under a bed and his toe hit the needle.

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"He had something in his hands and just kind of slid his foot under the bed, which we all do, and his foot hit a hypodermic needle," Phillips said.

When Ryals took the needle out, blue fluid came out of the syringe, Phillips said.

"That needle looked like it had already been used. The plunger was all the way down except for about a cubic centimeter or two," Phillips said. "My toes have been curled in ever since I saw that photo."

Ryals said he found another needle under the bed as his wife called 911.

Ryals said he would have to pay $4,000 for medications to reduce the chance of contracting HIV.

"We still desperately want James to have the med pay benefits, some ability to pay for these prescriptions," Phillips said.

Ryals was tested in case he contracted a disease or virus, but the results could take a long time.

"You don't think that this is going to take a year or up to a year to really, truly be in the safe zone to make sure you don't have anything," Phillips said.

Police are testing the syringes.

The Hampton Inn has not released a statement.

Ryals said hotel officials did promise to refund his stay.

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