Mickey, Minnie use sign language to greet hearing impaired child

In some children’s eyes, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse can do anything. For one little boy, that notion became more of a reality.

A toddler, whose name has not been released, recently went to Disneyland.

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The boy is mostly deaf, and that’s where Mickey and Minnie’s special abilities come in.

They were on the boy’s level and after he signed to them, they responded using sign language, with some help from a translator.

They signed, "I love you," and, "It's nice to meet you," KESQ reported.

The boy then went in for hugs from both Minnie and Mickey.

The child was adopted through Olive Crest. It's an organization committed to preventing child abuse and helping at-risk children, KESQ reported.

The boy had been born with disabilities and was abandoned shortly after birth, KESQ reported.

The trip to Disney was part of a day dedicated to foster and adoptive families of Olive Crest.

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