Missing Oklahoma woman found more than 20 years after disappearance

Quick facts: 

  • Shelly Jennings left Oklahoma more than 23 years ago.
  • The Modesto, California, Police Department says someone saw Jennings at a Greyhound station.
  • Her daughter, Brandy Chapman, has been looking for her.
  • Chapman wants to connect with the people who found Jennings.

MODESTO, Calif. – A woman who disappeared in 1993 will reunite with her daughter soon.

“My dream has come true, my heart is whole, and my mom is safe,” wrote Shelly Jennings’ daughter, Brandy Chapman.

A move, then a disappearance 

Jennings’ case began in 1993, when she left for California with her two youngest daughters. According to the Facebook page “Finding Shelly Jennings-Missing since 1993," she enrolled her daughters in school but vanished one day.

The case went cold, but in 2016, she was arrested in Cottonwood, California.

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“To families who are searching for a missing family member, an arrest is great news. Because it is confirmation the missing person is still alive. An arrest helps immensely to temporarily put a missing person on the grid again," said a post on the page.

Vanishing again 

When Chapman went to reunite with Jennings in December, she had already left the shelter she went to after her release.

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Chapman returned to California, following a lead about her mother being in Modesto, in early January. She hit the road home again without her mother.

Another break

On Wednesday afternoon, her page shared an important video announcement: The search was over.

The video was Modesto police officer Jeff Harmon explaining someone saw Jennings at a Greyhound station.

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They found Jennings and called Chapman to share the news.

Chapman is preparing to reunite with her mother, but she hopes to also connect with the people who spotted her mother.

Family Reunited

So this happened today....A family's 23 year search for their missing mother ended.

Posted by MODESTO POLICE DEPARTMENT on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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