'It's Mommy's medicine': 'Missing' child found home alone surrounded by heroin, police say

A 911 call led to the arrest of a Pennsylvania woman after police said they found her son home alone surrounded by drugs.

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Police said Leslie Brown, 29, of Penn Hills, called them from a Family Dollar in Lincoln-Lemington saying her son was missing and she had lost sight of him in the store.

Employees told WPXI-TV that she was frantic and that they searched every aisle and back room.

Police said the child was never in the store with her but was at home alone surrounded by heroin.

When police went to the home, they said the boy answered the door and police immediately saw bundles of heroin and stamp bags right next to where the child said he watched TV.

Police said the boy told them: "It's Mommy's medicine. She makes it sometimes."

Brown admitted to making and selling heroin as her only source of income, according to police.

Police said they found drugs in her home and car marked "Power trip," "Panda," "Say hello to my little friend," and "Playboy."

Brown was taken into custody and charged with endangering the welfare of children and nearly a half-dozen drug charges.

Police said the child is safe and now with his grandparents.

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