Mother says diabetic son's juice boxes prompted TSA full body search threat

A woman flying with her diabetic son in April said she was harassed by a TSA agent over juice boxes.

Cathi Evans said the juice boxes are a medical necessity for her 10-year-old son, Robby, who has Type 1 diabetes, Denver 7 reported. Evans says she carries the juice boxes along with other medical supplies in case Robby's blood sugar drops dangerously low. She said her son has experienced seizures after a blood sugar crash.

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But Evans said a TSA agent at Denver International Airport treated her like a criminal, threatening a full body search if she insisted upon bringing the juice boxes through security. Evans said the agent told her, "The only way I'm going to test these juices and let these juices pass is if you submit to a full body search and we get your luggage, we'll take your carry-on bags, and we're going to search every single thing you have with you. Is that what you want?"

Evans, who lives in Las Vegas, told Denver 7 that she has flown through airports, including the Denver airport, with the juice boxes before and has not had any issues.

Evans filed a complaint with the TSA and she said the agency has reached out to her to review their screening procedures for diabetic supplies.

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