Myspace hack: Passwords and usernames stolen

Myspace may be so 2006, but something that happened three years ago may be coming back to haunt hundreds of millions of users now.

That's because the formerly popular social media site was hacked, not recently, but in June 2013. It was just recently discovered, Wired reported.

Myspace company officials found that usernames, passwords and potentially secondary passwords were offered for sale on an online hacker forum.

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The person they think is responsible may also be the same one behind hacks of Tumblr and LinkedIn, Myspace posted on its blog.

To protect users' information, Myspace invalidated all passwords for accounts created before June 11, 2013. If you try to use Myspace, you will be prompted to change your password.

Myspace also suggested that you change other passwords on other sites if they are similar to the information you used for that account.

The hack could affect more than 360 million users.