Officers can purchase Super Bowl 53 commemorative badges for $130

Members of law enforcement working the security detail for Super Bowl 53 may want a cool memento to remember the event — but this one could cost them a pretty penny.

The NFL has approved the selling of commemorative badges as part of the Super Bowl LIII Badge Program through an online distributor. Badges cost between $115 and $130.

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A representative for Infinite Products Group said the program, which has been in place for eight years, was created as a way for officers to commemorate their work.

“They’re not necessarily in a position to enjoy [the game],” said the company spokesman. “It’s structured so that departments don’t have to spend their own budget on it.”

But the officers do have to pay out of their own pockets for the badges, which have the Super Bowl 53 logo on them.

Officers have the option of the Teardrop Eagle Shield, Eagle Maltese Shield or a 5-Point Star. The badges come in silver or gold and sell for $115 and $130, respectively. Officers are not required to purchase the badges, the company said.

Dunwoody police Chief Billy Grogan showed off his badge in a Facebook post to mark the weekend festivities.

Grogan doesn’t know how many of his officers ordered the badges. Eight of them are assigned to the security detail in downtown Atlanta.

Five are working at hotels in Atlanta, and three are a part of the North Metro SWAT team.

“Some officers working for the department are former Atlanta police officers,” he said. “So they’re very familiar with (the city).”

Grogan said the badges will be worn through Monday, he said.

According to Infinite Products Group’s website, departments working security for Super Bowl 53 must sign up for and be approved for the program by the NFL Security team. Departments can select the badge style, and officers may purchase them with their money through a link on the website.

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