Old dogs get final leash on life through rescue group

A rescue group in Washington offers older dogs a chance at adoption while covering all their veterinary costs for the foster families who help care for them.

Judith and Lee Piper have rescued about 4,800 dogs since starting Old Dog Haven in 2004, making it one of the largest senior dog rescue groups in the country, according to "Today."

Using a network of foster homes, the nonprofit provides dogs older than 8 years old a caring, safe environment as well as covering the vet bills for the dogs.

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"It can be very expensive to take care of an old dog — not always, but a lot of the time — so the idea is that we pay for all the vet visits to make this financially possible for people who are willing to do this," Judith told "Today." "Our vet bills average about $80,000 a month. Fortunately, we're able to afford that — our donors are just fantastic."

The organization has about 300 dogs and 200 foster families, according to the group.