Paraplegic zip-ties, shoots stripper with stun gun in his Georgia home, police say

A man paralyzed from the waist down allegedly zip-tied a woman in his home, raped and assaulted her, WSB reports.

Johnnie Thompson, 31, of Decatur, allegedly used a stun gun and shot at a woman who refused his demands, said DeKalb County police detective Chris Tappan.

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Police told WSB another exotic dancer filed an assault report against Thompson three months ago, and police are searching for other potential victims.

Thompson, who uses a wheelchair to get around, allegedly paid an exotic dancer to perform at his home, but turned violent when she arrived.

“(He) pulled out a handgun and a Taser and coerced her to his back bedroom where he had video cameras set up (and) computers,” Tappan told WSB. “He forced her to take her clothes off.”

Thompson allegedly zip-tied the woman’s ankles and demanded sex before she refused.

“He fired a Taser at her, not once, but twice in her chest,”  said Tappan. “She started to struggle with her captor. He pulled out a handgun and fired two shots at her.”

Tappan said the dancer eventually pushed Thompson out of the room, cut herself free, called 911 and escaped from a window.

Officers found her partially nude with the prongs from the stun gun still stuck in her chest.

Thompson was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and aggravated assault, according to DeKalb County Jail records.

Police said Thompson shares the home with his parents. Officers said they recovered more zip-ties and a machete from the home.

Thompson told police the woman “went crazy,” attacked him and he was forced to defend himself.

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