Phone number mixup in Canada causes international pizza incident in Texas

A Canadian firefighter’s phone number snafu led to an international pizza incident that resulted in a group of Texas firefighters eating the

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Officials with the Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service decided to order pizzas for the many firefighters attending a post-traumatic stress disorder workshop Monday.

Jordan Lampertz, who is new to the department and the area, was tasked with ordering 18 pies from nearby Alimo's PizzaGlobal News reported.

He searched Google, called and placed his order. But it wasn’t Alimo’s on the other end.

Lampertz had accidentally called Alamo’s Pizzeria in San Antonio.

"I found it a little bit strange, because during the order they asked for a credit card number, which the local pizza place does not ask for," Lampertz told CTV.

Alamo’s called Lampertz to confirm the order.

"I went and asked chief, 'Why does Alimo's have a Texas number?' and right away he was like, 'They don't,''' Lampertz told CTV. "So I went back on my phone and went to the Google search and a little light bulb went off, and sure enough I ordered from San Antonio, Texas."

Alamo’s is near the airport and gets calls from unfamiliar area codes frequently.

"We wouldn't have charged it if he wasn't going to authorize it," Alamo's owner Fred Nunez told CTV. "So when he offered to pay for the whole thing, afterwards I went ahead and applied the public safety discount we do around here."

Nunez delivered the pizzas to two San Antonio fire stations and a police station.

“They were surprised,” Nunez said. “Because they were also like ‘From where?’”

The firefighters were thankful.

"We just told them that we would just appreciate if they'd pass it on," Lampertz told CTV.

The firefighters eventually got their pizzas from Alimo’s. The exchange sparked the #randomactsofpizza hashtag.

"Within a few minutes of posting, there were people saying, 'I want to help, I want to send pizza,'" Alimo's owner Moe Mouallem told Global News. "We have a few (destinations) in mind. I know we're sending one to a secretary at the old folk's home. I'm seeing if there are any other nominations, other than that, I'm just going to be driving around dropping them off at random places."

The two groups of firefighters have discussed a future get-together.

“Next time any of your firefighters are in San Antonio, Alamo Pizza is on us,” they wrote in a comment on the Lesser Slave Facebook page.