Photo of grandma ironing granddaughter’s pride flag goes viral

Many have been preparing special costumes to celebrate LGBT Pride Month, and one festivalgoer recently received some extra help from her grandmother. Now, the tender moment has gone viral.

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Lexie Nobrega of Alexandria, Virginia, was getting dressed for Washington D.C.'s Capital Pride Parade over the weekend when her grandmother, Hermina Nobrega, spotted her bisexual pride flag, according to CNN.

“Oh, this needs to be pressed out,” she exclaimed. She then grabbed the iron and smoothed out the wrinkles in the flag.

Lexie Nobrega, 21, captured the moment on camera and later uploaded the photo to Twitter. She captioned it, “Such a simple gesture, but holds so much love and meaning to me.”

The post garnered tons of attention, attracting more than 32,000 retweets and more than 240,011 likes within just a few days.

Many people commented on the post, calling the moment “beautiful” and also shared their coming out stories.

Lexie Nobrega, who identifies as bisexual, came out to her grandparents during her senior year of high school. Although she was unsure what they’d think of her, her grandparents hugged her and told her they loved her.

She hopes others will extend the same “love and positivity.”

“Be respectful ... support large and local LGBT organizations, volunteer, donate to shelters,” she said. “Be supportive of your friends who are LGBT. Let them know that they're loved.”

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