Pilots fight in cockpit over food mid-air with 157 people onboard, reports say

Credit: Wathiq Khuzaie

Credit: Wathiq Khuzaie

Two Iraqi pilots were suspended after a fight in the cockpit during an Iraqi Airways flight last month from Iran to Iraq with 157 passengers onboard, according to news reports.

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The fight started after the pilot refused to allow the co-pilot to order a food tray without permission, according to The Independent.

"Conversation with the pilot became heated because he forbade an air hostess from bringing me a meal tray under the pretext that I hadn't asked him for authorization," the co-pilot said in a letter to Iraqi Airways management, The Independent reported.

The letter also claims that the two continued arguing when the plane landed and that “the pilot again hit and insulted” the co-pilot.

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The plane made it to Baghdad safely and an investigation is now underway.

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