Police look for sword-wielding robber dressed as ninja

Police in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, are looking for a man who they believe robbed a local business dressed in all black armed with a sword on Sunday night.

“We haven’t had a ninja running around ever,” said Ambridge Police Chief Jim Mann.

Police are calling the man 'The Ninja Robber' could be seen with a sword walking into a Circle K late Sunday night.

According to police, the man entered the store, he approaches the clerk, put the sword on the counter, grabbed the money and walked out.

“He says, ‘Give me all your money and I won’t hurt you and then he asks if that’s it,’” Mann said.

According to police, the sword-wielding robber walked in and out within 33 seconds.

“He got a minimal about of cash barely worth the crime,” Mann said. “We will get him and he will pay dearly for this.”

Officers believe he fell while running away and may be injured. Police said he dropped his gloves and mask while getting away.