Police: Man accused of killing family over $200,000, Bulgarian call girl, also stole hospital drugs

Orlando police have released body camera video of an encounter with a Seminole County man now accused of killing his parents and brother over $200,000 and a Bulgarian online call girl.

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The video shows Grant Amato, dressed in blue hospital scrubs, standing in a parking lot with his arms crossed, being questioned and arrested for stealing medicine from his employer in June 2018.

Police said Amato was working at Florida Hospital at the time when he was arrested for stealing Propofol, an anesthetic most commonly known as the drug that killed singer Michael Jackson. At one point, an officer asks Amato if he ever thought about suicide.

Officer: "Have you ever had any suicidal thoughts?"
Amato: "No, sir. Never had any thoughts like that?" 
Officer: "Ever thought about how you would do it?"
Amato: "No. Never really had the [expletive] to think about anything like that." 

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Police said Amato later wrote an apology letter to the hospital, saying he didn’t take the Propofol for himself. Instead, he wanted to give it to patients who thought he needed it.

After that, Amato was unemployed for a number of months as Seminole County sheriff's deputies said he stole more than $200,000 from his family to contact a Bulgarian online call girl.

The arrest warrant said Amato's family tried to get help for the 29-year-old. He had been in a Fort Lauderdale rehab facility on a voluntary basis for internet and sex addiction in December and early January. When Amato returned home, his family asked him not to contact the woman, the warrant said.

Investigators say Amato's father, Chad Amato, confronted his son on Jan. 24 after learning he had spoken to the woman via Twitter. Chad ordered Grant to move out of the house, and a heated argument ensued, deputies said.

The next day, when Cody Amato didn't report to work at Advent Hospital East Orlando, his girlfriend called police to check the home.

Chad, his wife, Margaret and their son Cody were found dead in their Chuloata home. Deputies say Amato killed his family members execution style.

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According to the arrest warrant, Cody's girlfriend also told investigators that she and her late boyfriend "once had a conversation where Cody told her that she was afraid that Grant would kill everyone."

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