Police officers accused of using coin app to decide if Georgia woman goes to jail

Two police officers in Roswell, Georgia are under investigation for allegedly using a coin flip app to decide whether or not they should arrest a woman for speeding.

Body camera video from the arrest in April appears to show the officers using a coin toss game to decide whether or not to take the driver, Sarah Webb, to jail, WSB reports.

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Video from Roswell officer Courtney Brown captured the incident, WSB reported.

Brown can be heard chiding Webb for allegedly driving nearly 90 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Webb told Brown she was running late for work.

Back in her patrol car, Brown can be heard telling fellow officer, Kristie Wilson, she was having a hard time deciding whether or not to give Webb a citation or take her to jail.

Wilson suggested there were other ways to cite Webb for speeding.

At that point, Brown decided to use the coin flip app on her phone.

In the police video, the sound of an electronic coin flip is heard.

The coin landed on tails.

Webb eventually ended up behind bars.

"I was already having a bad day," Webb told WSB.

Charges against Webb were dropped in municipal court this week.

Now, several months later, the two officers involved are on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the traffic stop.

Roswell police chief Rusty Grant told WSB he was "appalled" by the video.

“I've been a law enforcement professional for almost 40 years and, again, I was appalled to believe that a police officer would let a flip of a coin be the deciding factor in whether to issue someone a citation or, more importantly, take someone into custody,” Grant said.

The police chief said he has concerns for other police departments as the incident gets national attention.

“The reality is someone will see this story in the state of Washington, and this weekend, someone is going to get stopped by a Washington state police officer and someone's going to make a comment about, ‘Hey, did you flip a coin to decide whether or not I get a citation?’” Grant said.

Webb has demanded that the officers be punished.

“I was angry. I was sad. I was upset,” Webb said. “This really was all over nothing. It was a game. I want to see justice come to those two officers because it’s not fair. Other people’s freedom, other people’s lives are not a game, and these are the people we’re supposed to be trusting.”

While the officers' professional records appear to be clean, the investigation will include a probe into whether they've handled other situations in a similar manner.

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