Politicians, colleagues react to news of Jamie Dupree's new voice

Credit: WSBTV.com

Credit: WSBTV.com

Longtime broadcaster and radio news director of the Washington Bureau of Cox Media GroupJamie Dupree, had some wonderful news to share: He's getting his voice back. At least, in a way.

After more than two years of suffering with a mysterious condition that makes him unable to speak, a new computer program designed specifically for Dupree will be able to talk for him.

A Scottish company name CereProc was able to build an application that pairs years of Dupree's archived radio programs with text-to-speak feature. The result: A computerized voice that sounds at least something like the Dupree so many knew and loved.

Dupree has dubbed the program "Dupree 2.0" and plans to be back on the radio starting June 18.

Fellow news reporters and politicians, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Barry Loudermilk were all thrilled to hear the news. Here are some of their reactions:

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