Pre-teen plays Secret Santa, pays off Walmart layaway for strangers

Credit: Walmart

Credit: Walmart

We’ve all seen the Secret Santa stories, where someone will walk into a store and pay off the layoff accounts of complete strangers.

This one is a little different. This time an 11-year-old boy went to a Massachusetts Walmart and paid the account for a family, WGGB reported.

Brady Procon went to a Walmart in Springfield, Massachusetts, with his father last week.

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Brady had seen a story about a Secret Santa paying off accounts and he told his parents he wanted to do the same.

It surprised the two store employees who helped Brady.

One told WGGB, “We se so much bad, I appreciate watching this.”

The same employee, Brady told WGGB, had a tear in his eye when they were talking.

Brady picked out a random account that totaled $327.27.

Being held for the family was an Xbox, PlayStation and dinosaur walkie talkies. Brady said it was meant to be that he chose that account.

Brady said he didn’t do the good deed to get attention on social media, but instead he had another reason.

"I'm hoping that other kids would catch along with this ... and sort of kick off a trend," Brady told WGGB.

He also told the station that he would like to see the person’s reaction when they pick up their gifts for the holidays.

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