Puppy recovering after found in trash with broken skull

Garbage cans. (Photo: Curtis Perry/Flickr/Creative Commons)

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Garbage cans. (Photo: Curtis Perry/Flickr/Creative Commons)

A puppy is recovering from a skull fracture after she was found stuffed in a garbage can and left for dead.

Lorin Thomas was working at Delano Veterinary Hospital when Ivy was brought in about a week ago. The puppy was shivering and suffered a skull and nasal fracture, according to KERO-TV.

"Personally I don't think that you should have to tell someone that throwing a live puppy in the garbage is wrong," Thomas told KERO-TV. "But people need to know that there are other options."

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Thomas posted a video on Facebook of the puppy squealing in pain hoping that someone will come forward with information about who is responsible for Ivy's injuries.

The puppy is recovering from her injuries and was taken Thursday to Pound Puppy Rescue in Northern California where she will remain until she is adopted.

A fund was set up to help pay for Ivy's continued recovery.

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