‘No Quarter?’: Billboard ranks Led Zeppelin songs by revenue

On its 50th anniversary, the classic rock band Led Zeppelin continues to rake in the cash -- and entertainment magazine Billboard ranked which songs have made the most money.

While the exact date of Led Zeppelin's debut can be debated, many cite the Jan. 12, 1969, release of the album "Led Zeppelin I" as the band's beginning, Billboard reported. To honor this anniversary, and guitarist Jimmy Page's 75th birthday, Billboard ranked Led Zeppelin's most popular songs by revenue generated by digital activity (more on Billboard's methodology for the ranking can be found here).

The band’s highest grossing song is, of course, “Stairway to Heaven.” The 1971 hit has grossed $2,903,223.42, according to Billboard.

The following songs make up the rest of Led Zeppelin’s top 10 moneymakers: “Kashmir” at $1,421,130.32, “Immigrant Song” at $1,306,140.94, “Black Dog” at $1,167,232.19, “Whole Lotta Love” at $1,034,129.29, “Ramble On” at $888,793.61, “Over the Hills and Far Away” at $757,125.57, “Goin’ to California” at $694,689.56, “Rock n’ Roll” at $636,985.97 and “D’yer Mak’er” at $553,459.73.

What did Billboard find to be the least grossing Led Zeppelin song? That would be “Swan Song,” which grossed $241.20.

The complete list can be found here.

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