Rare alligator named Snowball stolen from TV stars during intentionally set fire, deputies say

Credit: Sumpter County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Sumpter County Sheriff's Office

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a rare alligator that was stolen from a reptile sanctuary that was robbed and set on fire.

Deputies and firefighters were called to a building fire Friday night on Southwest 52nd Terrace in Bushnell.
Online records show the building is a sanctuary known as the Swamp, which belongs to the stars of "Swamp Brothers" on the Discovery Channel.

When firefighters doused the flames, deputies realized a Leucistic alligator known as Snowball, who was housed there with dozens of other reptiles, was missing.

The state Fire Marshal’s Office believes the building was burglarized first and then set on fire after Snowball was stolen, deputies said.

There were 43 other alligators and crocodiles in the building at the time. Deputies said they all died in the fire.

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