Rat crawls out of sink drain, eventually scurries back down

A New York City urban legend came true for one couple who had a furry surprise emerge from their bathroom sink.

Bari Finkel told WNBC a small rat emerged from the drain Friday night.

"It looked like a zombie coming out of the grave," Finkel told WNBC.

Her boyfriend actually saw it first and let out a small scream. She thought he had hurt himself, but when she saw her new roommate, she screamed, too.

Then, she laughed.

"It was just so insane, I couldn't not laugh," she told WNBC.

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Finkel made sure the dogs didn't come in to investigate the commotion while she let her boyfriend try to deal with the critter. He trapped it in a bag, but it started making noises. That's when Finkel lifted the bag to try to get a photo and the rat went back down the pipe, WNBC reported.

They spoke to the landlord, who told them the rat visitor was a first.

The sink had been missing the stopper, but they said they will be replacing it now.

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