Residents forced to evacuate after dam breaks in North Carolina in wake of Hurricane Florence

Credit: Joe Raedle

Credit: Joe Raedle

A dam burst in Anson County, North Carolina, Monday in the wake of Hurricane Florence and the torrential rains the storm dumped on the state for days.

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It happened in Lilesville and luckily it was not as a serious as it might have been.

The Anson County Sheriff’s Office ordered several homes evacuated as they assessed the possible damages and whether a continuing threat existed.

Emergency management officials said they think the houses are safe, but they still evacuated about 12 homes.

Evacuees were sent to the Lilesville Fire Department.

The dam is not the Blewett Falls Dam, officials said. It’s part of a sand and gravel company -- BV Hedrick Dam.

This dam break will most likely breach another one of the company’s dams, officials said.

Dam inspectors with DEQ are on site even though it’s not a regulated dam.

Officials are reporting the death toll from Hurricane Florence has increased to 31, with 24 victims in North Carolina.

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