Robbery victim turned tables on his armed attacker by pulling out gun of his own

An attempted armed robbery was thwarted when one of two intended victims pulled out his own gun and began shooting in self-defense — and the intense ordeal was all caught on video.

Sanchez Quinn, 29, tried to rob two men at gunpoint outside of a Detroit supermarket Sunday night according to the New York Post. Much to his surprise, however, one of his victims turned out to be a concealed pistol license holder.

"I turned and looked and saw the other gentleman had a gun pointed at my face," the unidentified man said, recalling the incident. "I was able to knock his hand down, and the gunfire rang out."

In the dramatic footage, the robber and the victim trade shots after the victim pushes the robber’s gun away. The armed victim, who can be seen wearing a black and white T-shirt and shorts, successfully took down the robber by shooting him multiple times. Both Quinn and the third man, identified as the victim’s cousin, suffered gunshots wounds but are expected to recover. Quinn, who is still in the hospital, was arrested along with one other person. Police say the victims may not have survived if one of them hadn’t been armed.

“It makes me mad because you have people out here that work every day. They are innocent; you want to take from them,” the concealed pistol license holder said. “These guys, I definitely feel don’t need to be back out on the street because someone else might get hurt, and it might happen in a different way.”

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