Roommate accused of killing Alexis Crawford denied bond

One of the two suspects accused of murdering Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford was in court Thursday for a bond hearing.

Jordyn Jones, who was Crawford's roommate, and her boyfriend, Barron Brantley, are accused of strangling the 21-year-old in October.

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The judge denied bond for Jones, saying she was a flight risk because hours after the murder, she was accused of making plans to withdraw from school and move to Michigan.

Jones' defense attorney argued to the judge his client deserved a reasonable bond.

"The most fundamental premise of our criminal justice system is that a person ought not be punished for a criminal offense until the state has demonstrated guilt beyond a reasonable doubt," said attorney Cliff Harbick.

Harbick said the only criminal history Jones has is a misdemeanor out of Michigan that she's currently on probation for. He also said she's not a flight risk and she wouldn't intimidate witnesses, who are mostly Crawford's relatives.

But the deputy district attorney disagreed and said she has already reached out to Crawford's family. He added all of Jones' family is in Michigan, she's no longer a Clark Atlanta student and he said she participated in the murder of Crawford and helped conceal her body.

"She's a risk of intimidating witnesses, for that same reason, because many of the witnesses in this case will be family members of Miss Crawford, because they were the last people that she spoke to," said Deputy District Attorney Adam Abbate.

Abbate said in court that the results of Crawford's rape kit came back and Brantley's DNA was there but that doesn't necessarily mean she was raped. Police and the DA's office said they're still investigating. Brantley has not been charged with rape.

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