Severed head found on porch, decapitated body found nearby, police say

The head of a young black man was left on a porch and a burned headless torso was found about a half mile away Saturday.

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While the unidentified head and decapitated body are likely part of the same case, Jackson police are awaiting confirmation, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

"Why we can't say right now that one belongs to the other, due to the type of crime and the close proximity of the body parts, we can assume that perhaps this the remains that was attached to the head this morning," Police chief Lee Vance told WBRC.

Police responded to a call at the house around 9:19 a.m. where they found the severed head on the stairs leading to a porch area. Police said the cause of death appeared to be severance.

A badly burned body was found in a wooded area around 4 p.m. about half a mile away by a resident using a nearby road. Investigators are awaiting the coroner and medical examiner to determine cause of death.

"It's senseless, and it's tragic, and it's sad," Jackson Police Department spokesman Cmdr. Tyree Jones told the Ledger.

The motive is unknown and officials will not speculate if it is gang related. However, they admit it’s not a common pair of crime scenes.

"Whoever committed this crime, rage was an ingredient, perhaps some type of message-sending, but no I have never seen anything to occur where a head has been torn or cut from a body," Vance told WBRC.

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