Severed rattlesnake head bites Texas man

A Texas man is recovering after he was bitten by a severed rattlesnake head.

According to KIII-TV, Jennifer Sutcliffe of Corpus Christi said her husband, whose first name was not given, decapitated the snake with a shovel while the couple was doing yard work on Memorial Day weekend. But that didn't stop the snake's head from biting the man minutes later when he attempted to discard the remains.

"Since there is no body, it released all its venom into him at that point, so he had a lot of venom," Sutcliffe told KIII.

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Soon afterward, Sutcliffe's husband couldn't see and started to have seizures, she said. An ambulance met the pair as they headed to the emergency room, and a medical helicopter ended up having to rush him to the hospital, she said.

Although doctors initially said Sutcliffe's husband "might not make it," his condition is currently stable after he received 26 doses of antivenom, KIII reported.

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