Shocking video: Hero bus driver saves woman from attack

Authorities are calling a bus driver in Port Angeles, Washington, a hero after she stepped in to save a woman being brutally attacked and also managed to stop the attacker from hijacking the bus.

WARNING: The video is kinda hard to watch. But this guy needs to be locked away for a long time. He beat up an 80 yr old Port Angeles woman on a bus. He attacked the female driver too. But she got the last laugh. She tricked him by saying she'd check one of the doors, then locked him inside the bus! She even disabled the battery so he couldn't drive off! Police arrested him. The victim is recovering.

Posted by Jeff Dubois on Thursday, June 2, 2016

It started as a regular bus ride on a Saturday afternoon in Port Angeles.

When suddenly, a man on the bus gets up, walks over to an 80-year-old woman and delivers a swift kick to her face. Surveillance cameras on the bus capture the violent attack.

As the woman screams, he grabs her head, throws her to the floor and drags her.

As soon as the bus driver hears the woman scream, she pulls over. She yells at the man to stop and manages to pull him off the woman.

Then he starts choking the driver. Other riders watch in horror and call 911.

The first victim gets up. Video shows her face is covered in blood.

The man goes after her again.

That's when the driver opens the doors, allowing other riders to escape. The driver then calls for help.

The man pushes the first woman out of the bus.

Then he starts barking orders at the bus driver, telling her to close all the doors. She keeps her cool, and then jumps out, shutting the front door.

But before she escaped, she managed to disable the battery, which prevented the attacker from driving off with the bus.

Who knows what may have happened if the man was able to drive off. That is why Port Angeles police are calling the bus driver a hero.

The man is identified as 59-year-old Riley Edge White. He faces charges of felony assault and harassment.