Social media suggests humorous names for newest Air Force stealth bomber

The U.S. Air Force is asking for help via Twitter to "name our bomber for the 21st Century," unsurprisingly, social media has responded with some unique suggestions.

The Air Force announced the new bomber in February, which had been called the Long-Range Strike Bomber. Following the announcement, the Air Force created a contest limited to active duty Air Force members only (including reservists, dependents, retirees and Air National Guard) to help come up with a two word name for the estimated half billion dollar aircraft.

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According to the rules, the winner of the contest "will have the prestige of naming the Air Force newest bomber and will be highlighted on The participant may also be selected to attend the Air Force Association's Air & Space Conference and Exhibition in September 2016 to be acknowledged by Air Force leadership."

Despite the contest being limited to members of the Air Force only that didn't stop people from replying with some of their own suggestions (below).