'Some things never change’: Iowa superintendent cancels school with ‘Frozen 2’ parody

It’s schoolhouse rock, Iowa style, that is music to the ears of students in the town of Missouri Valley.

Brent Hoesing, superintendent for the Missouri Valley School District, traditionally announces snow day closings with a song. Wednesday, he warbled a parody of the "Frozen 2" song, "Some Things Never Change," WOWT reported.

Hoesing posted a video on YouTube to give students the good news. Donning a pair of sunglasses and accompanied by a piano soundtrack, Hoesling launches into a funny parody.

"Oh, the wind’s blowing a little bit colder,

"You’d better find your controllers.

“'Cause the snow is moving in on this chilly winter breeze.

"I had hoped this winter would be nicer,

"But now we need many snowplow drivers.

“That’s why I must cancel school for Missouri Valley CSD.”

Some things stay the same, the superintendent sang, “everything except my hairline.”

Last week, Hoesing announced school closings with a PG-version of Lizzo's "Good as Hell," accompanied by students and teachers, KETV reported.

Hoesing is unlikely to let it go when it comes to singing: at least. until the weather clears up.

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