Someone spent nearly $60,000 on 2 NBA conference finals tickets

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Credit: Ezra Shaw

Credit: Ezra Shaw

The best team in the NBA this year is heading to a Game 7, and there's definitely going to be some must-see action.

So somebody reportedly dropped nearly $60,000 on two tickets to the game.

ESPN reports tickets listed by the Golden State Warriors for Game 7 against the Oklahoma City Thunder sold out in minutes.

Eventually, two floor-seat tickets hit the secondary market. They were quickly snatched up at $29,000 a pop.

Yeah, at that price you could buy a brand-new luxury car, send a kid through four years of college or a number of other things. But this anonymous buyer isn't the only big NBA ticket spender.

That $29,000 price tag barely beats another popular game this year — Kobe Bryant's last game before retirement. Someone purchased a pair of courtside tickets to that sold-out game at $27,500 apiece.

Regardless, seeing Monday night's action in person will make a dent in your wallet one way or the other. The cheapest tickets first listed by the Warriors were $230.

The least expensive tickets listed on StubHub Monday morning sat around $320.

This video includes clips from the Los Angeles Times and KPIX and images from Getty Images. 

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