Space saver parking wars getting out of hand in Boston



When Renee Rasinksi arrived at West 2nd and Dorchester in South Boston Tuesday, she was greeted by a colorful surprise.

All the dog walker was trying to do was park her minivan when bright paint suddenly started spewing everywhere.

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"I didn't seen a paint sitting on the ground and I hit it, heard a big noise, looked over and saw red all over the snowbank," said Rasinksi.

Turns out someone was still wrongfully using a can of magenta paint as a space saver, more than 48 hours after the city's snow emergency had expired.

"It went all over the street, the snowbank and my car," said Rasinksi.

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From busted windows, to slashed tires, the annual winter parking tradition has been getting out of hand this season, with Southie seeings its fair share of neighborhood conflict.

"On social media, they've made it a war of the yuppies vs. old school Southie people," said resident Johnna Barry.

In a tweet Thursday, Mayor Marty Walsh says the city is disappointed in recent behavior and asks neighbors to be respectful, but people Boston 25 News spoke with say a scolding from city hall might not be enough to end the parking wars.

"They have to get rid of it and the city has to plow out all the spaces during the day," said Barry.

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