Spain might change time zone to be more productive

Worried your country isn’t being productive enough? Change the time zone. That’s one idea Spain is seriously considering.

“Spanish MPs are considering a report on the issue and a possible change in the law.”

"The conclusion is we are not more productive." (Via BBC)

The report issued by a parliamentary commission recommends moving Spain's time zone one hour earlier to match the UK and Portugal. It says the change would improve eating, sleeping and working habits. (Via BBC)

Currently, Spain is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT, in the winter and two hours ahead in the summer. It's been this way since 1942 when Spain's government changed time zones to match Nazi Germany. (Via Sky News)

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But according to this new report, that change has negatively affected the country for multiple reasons.

"[The time zone] negatively affects many measures of productivity, such as absenteeism, stress, work accidents and school dropout rates." (Via The Washington Post)

Euronews outlines two changes that would happen with the potential time zone switch.

“The commission says the move will shorten the working day to the traditional British 9 to 5. It also claims the move will improve family life.”

But what about the siesta, the famous Spanish tradition of taking a long lunch break? Well, the director of the company that helped create the study recommends nixing it.

"To be effective, they also have to change the hours of work... eliminate the break for breakfast and, above all, introduce a pause of no more than one hour for lunch. According to my studies, with this we would gain an hour and a half for our personal life." (Via International Business Times)

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