Students injured after top of bus sheared off by overpass, police say

Credit: Kevin Hagen

Credit: Kevin Hagen

The top of a bus was sheared off after hitting an overpass Sunday, injuring 40 passengers returning from a spring break trip, according to police.

Two people were seriously injured, five others had moderate injuries and three dozen others had minor injuries, according to Newsday.

The bus, operated by Journey Bus Line, was filled with 38 high school students returning from a trip to Eastern Europe, their five chaperones and the driver, according to WABC.

The bus was traveling from John F. Kennedy International Airport along the Southern State Parkway, which does not allow commercial vehicles. The driver, who was not from the area, was not aware that the parkway system has lower overpasses.

"I don't think he (the driver) had any awareness. If you look at the damage, it was a high-impact strike," New York State Police Maj. David Candelaria told USA Today. "We are very lucky. This could have been tragic."

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