Sunflowers cause traffic jam along North Carolina road



A field of sunflowers is causing quite a frenzy near Waxhaw, North Carolina.

It has slowed traffic along part of Providence Road, at the Waxhaw and Weddington border, as droves of people are pulling over and crossing the road to take pictures in the field.

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Teresha Berry lives next door to the field. She’s witnessed the sunflower craze take off over the past few days.

"Over the last week I just started to see all the sunflowers pop up, but in the last two days it's gotten really, really vast. The color's bright, it's beautiful, it's radiant and now I see a lot of the folks are appreciating it a lot," she told WSOC. "It's been traffic, tons of people, going out in the fields and actually taking pictures."

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"Wow, we never imagined people would come here for a photo shoot like this,” said another neighbor stopping by. “Everybody's coming here and it sometimes can create a problem because people are parking, like I did.”

"It's a risk 'cause the cars are parked on the side and there's no one really to direct, it is a concern," Berry said.



The sunflowers are on private property and there are "No Trespassing" signs posted. Still, we saw many people going into the field, taking pictures, and cutting the flowers.

Berry said while safety and traffic is a concern, she thinks the flowers are good for the community.

“It is a concern, if it gets worse I think it’s going to pose a big problem but you got to appreciate what nature’s doing here so I’m okay with it,” she said. "It's gorgeous. It's peaceful. I think it's causing people to slow down a bit to kind of appreciate what their seeing.”

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WSOC's Elsa Gillis reached out to the owner of the sunflower field.

A representative of the owner said he decided to plant the sunflowers because they are pretty. He had no idea they would draw this much attention.

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