Teen admits drugging stepfather with cattle sedatives in his drinks

A Wisconsin teenager is facing felony charges after admitting he slipped a cattle sedative into his stepfather’s drinks, according to media outlets.

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Tyler Rabenhorst-Malone, 16, is charged with placing foreign objects in edibles and second-degree recklessly endangering safety, WLS-TV reported.

The teenager's stepdad first sought treatment in January 2018 for odd physical symptoms, including a droopy face, slurred speech and heavy breathing. Doctors told him he was suffering from a combination of too many energy drinks, stress and a lack of sleep, the news station reported.

When the symptoms reoccurred in April, Rabenhorst-Malone’s parents noticed that medicine for their cattle was missing from their barn.

The teen’s stepfather became suspicious. He discovered syringes he thought the boy was using to put the cattle sedative in his drinks and testing confirmed the presence of the sedative.

After he was caught, the teen told investigators he didn’t want to hurt his stepdad, but that he did it because he thought it was funny.

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