Teen reported missing wasn't kidnapped, maintained secret relationship with friend's father

Fifteen-year-old Calah Waskow went missing back in December and was believed to have been abducted by her friend's 37-year-old father, even causing an Amber Alert to be issued.

But Waskow, 15, recently revealed she wasn't kidnapped, but rather she was having a secret affair with the man the whole time.

Waskow and her mother Nora appeared on "Dr. Phil" in an episode that aired on Thursday afternoon to talk about the relationship, her disappearance and eventual recovery after a week-long search.

Waskow vanished from her home in Georgia in early December and was found a week later in a candy store in Tennessee with her alleged kidnapper, Jason Arils Johnson, who was already wanted on unrelated child molestation charges.

During the interview, Waskow described her relationship with, Johnson, who she described as "cool," and how it all started.

"I was sitting on the couch, and he started sitting with me, and we laid down together," she said, adding that neither was clothed at the time.

After their first intimate encounter, Waskow and Johnson would secretly meet up to have intercourse "if not every day, every other day."

She started skipping school and eventually stopped going to class altogether so that she could go to Johnson's home instead. According to Waskow, Johnson would pick her up near her school and take her back to his house. Her parents were unaware of the relationship.

"Finally, she had missed so many days that they sent out a subpoena for her to go to court," Nora Waskow told Dr Phil.

While in court, Waskow revealed Johnson's identity, admitting that she'd been seeing him. Her mother said she "fell apart" when she heard the news, adding, "I could not believe this grown man was messing with my daughter."

Soon after, Waskow went missing. Once located, she was taken to a hospital but was deemed unharmed. She then stayed the night in a juvenile detention center before a judge signed her into her parents' care. Johnson was wanted for aggravated child molestation, child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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