Teen saves life of veteran neighbor with disability

A high school sophomore in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is being credited with saving the life of his neighbor, by using skills he learned from an unexpected place.

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WANE reported that Rashaad Moore is to thank for saving the life of his neighbor, Ray, who is a veteran with a disability.

Rashaad has been helping Ray with odd jobs to make extra money for five years. When he was with Ray on a routine trip to Walmart, he noticed something was wrong.

"I told 911 to hurry up because the man was … I was pretty scared," Rashaad told WANE. "I was pretty scared."

Rashaad told WANE Ray had a heart attack, so he sprang into action, taking Ray out of his wheelchair and placing him on his side. He then performed some CPR, which he said he picked up from watching television, which he said showed him how to position his hands and arms.

"Basically (what) I knew was from 'SpongeBob (SquarePants),'" he told WANE.

WANE reported that Rashaad administered CPR for about four minutes until emergency medical services arrived, who said if it wasn't for him, Ray would have been dead.

"You know I’m really glad about what I did but he’s still in pretty bad condition," Moore said. "All we can do is just pray for him and really just send some prayers out to this man."

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