Teen scrapes together $1,500 donation from part-time jobs for nonprofit that hits close to home

A teenager touched by a nonprofit's cause scraped together $1,500 to donate.

The nonprofit Jack's Basket was founded by mom Carissa Carroll of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She told ABC News that she was disheartened by people's responses three years ago when they learned that her new baby Jack was born with Down syndrome.

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“After meeting more and more families … finding out that most of them never received a congratulations after the birth their child, also a biased language — ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ kind of in a dismal way. It broke my heart. These babies deserve to be celebrated just like any other birth,” Carroll said.

So Carroll decided to provide support to families with new babies who have Down syndrome. She came up with the idea to provide care baskets to these families filled with resources to help with their new addition.

Years later, Jack’s Basket has distributed more than 250 baskets.

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The story touched a teen named Jordan Witt. Jordan’s younger brother, Logan, has Down syndrome.

"Logan is very funny. He's very kind. He loves to make people's days," Witt told WCCO. "These people, Logan, people with Down syndrome have a future. They can change the world, too."

Logan pulled together $1,500 from his part-time jobs to donate in honor of his brother. The donation will cover 21 baskets.

Tonight at 10pm, CBS-WCCO TV shares an amazing story of a young man that is inspired by his brother with Down syndrome...

Posted by Jack's Basket on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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